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Magstripe Spoofer

A project I've been working on for a little bit but have been interested in doing for a while.

The idea has been done before, most notably on instructables, hackaday(1 2), and severeal others. I am undertaking this for several reasons: magstripes seem like a really interesting way to keep data and I want to learn more about them, none of these other projects produced a tool that was very visually appealing or that seemed very practical, and I want one to play around with.

The design for this project will follow what was outlined in the instructables article, but instead of the external mp3 player, I plan to integrate it into the units case, allowing for a dedicated storage space for card tracks.

Electromagnet with green wire

Electromagnet with green wire

Circuit laid out on perf board

A small circuit laid out on a scrap piece of perf board.

More to come...

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